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Careful attention is being made to ensure your model is completed worthy to be labeled as a work of art. Squadron Toys models are allhand carvedandhand paintedat our production facility which we own and operate in the Philippines.   There is a considerable drying time in between each process to ensure proper curing of the wood, glue, and paint.  When completed, it will be shipped to our San Diego warehouse which may take up to 30 days transit time. Other factors may persist such as US Customs clearance, etc can add to the delivery time.


What does the following Status means?

New Order: Your order was recently placed and has not been processed.
Pending:Your order is now being processed to verify if item is in stock, backorder, or a custom order.
In Progress:Your order has now been forwarded to Production (Factory) to be built.
On Hold (Awaiting Additional Info):  We need additional information from the customer for either clarification of details.
On Hold (Awaiting Payment):Your order is on hold pending receipt of payment.
On Hold (Awaiting Photos):  Your order is on hold pending receipt of photos prior to start of production.
On Hold (Credit Card Declined):Your credit card on file was declined.
On Hold (Customer Request):  Production or processing of order is on hold at customer's request.
Factory: In Progress:  Your model is now scheduled for production.
Factory: Stage 1 of 6 (Carver):Your model is now being carved by one of our craftsman.
Factory: Stage 2 of 6 (Artist):Your model is now being painted by one of our artist
Factory: Stage 3 of 6 (Detailer):Your model is now being detailed with antennas, pitot tubes, etc painted by one of our detailers.
Factory: Stage 4 of 6 (Quality Control):Your model will be checked for Quality Control approval.
Factory: Stage 5 of 6 (Packed):Your model has passed QC and is now complete. It will be scheduled for shipping from our factory (Philippines) to our warehouse (San Diego, California).
Factory: Stage 6 of 6 (Shipped to Warehouse):Your model has been shipped to our San Diego warehouse (30 day transit time)
Ready to Ship:Your model will be shipped within 24-48 hours.
Will Call (Ready for Pick-up):  Your model is ready to be picked-up at our San Diego warehouse if you opted for this option.
Awaiting Shipment (Incomplete Address):  Your model is on hold pending receipt of complete shipping address.
Partially Shipped: If you placed an order for multiple items some items may have been backordered or custom ordered.
Repair 1 of 5 (Awaiting Repair):  Your model has been scheduled to be repaired.
Repair 2 of 5 (In Progress-1):  Your model is currently being repaired.
Repair 3 of 5 (Awaiting Parts): Parts has been ordered from our factory (2-4 week delay).
Repair 4 of 5 (In Progress-2): Parts has arrived; repair process has continued.
Repair 5 of 5 (Completed Repair):2-3 day drying time prior to shipping to final destination.

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