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Comments from our Valued Customers
The following testimonials are excerpts from actual email messages from customers who have purchased Squadron Toys models.

"In reference to Order Number: 1206001 (F-15E 333rd FS Strike Eagle); the jet model arrived to my son's home today and he is very pleased with the detail and quality of the workmanship. Outstanding! Thank you very much.
Best regards,"

Gary G.

Randy M.
"Model arrived. Superb packing!  Awesome job with tremendous fine detail!  Very happy with the obvious pride of workmanship invested in the model. Thank you.   -Randy"

Thom Chojnacki

"The T-34C Mentor arrived that our Program Office ordered for a departing Team Member and I felt it necessary to compliment Squadron Toys on both the fast efficient service and the high level of detail and workmanship on this venerable and long-serving platform. It was definitely a better display model then other similar items we researched. ...look forward to checking your company for one source of quality mementos with personalized service. Again, thanks, and keep 'em flying!"

CDR Tabb Stringer
Executive Officer
 VAQ-138 EA-18G
"Just wanted to let you know I received your voicemail and that the models arrived a few days later when you said they would.  I opened the one for the skipper and it looks fantastic. Thanks for the good work and quick turnaround; I am sure he will enjoy it."
Daniel K.
318th SOS
    "Thank you so much for making these models for us.  I have a PC-12 that you made and it is incredible!  I can't wait to get these next models.  Sincerely,"






 CDR Doug "Cuz" Cochran
Commanding Officer
Strike Fighter Squadron 204
"Just got the model you made for the Ready Room.  It is absolutely beautiful.  We have found the perfect spot to display the awesome workmanship.  Many thanks.
River 1.....Sends"

Michael S., Major, US Air Force
"I am very pleased with the recent Edwards AFB F-16 model you made for me.  I would like to get a quote on an F-22 model with an "ED" tail flash..."


Nicholas "Buzz" Morris

Maj                   USMC

Executive Officer


"I received the model and it looks great!!! I will be ordering more

from you in the near future. Thanks again.

Semper Fidelis"



61st Fighter Squadron Commander

 "We received the plaques today.   They are absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!  It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.  Anticipate another F-16 model order in a couple of months from my new F-16 students. 

Thanks again,"


Top Dog 1




"I received the model today and, as anticipated, it's beautiful! 

Thanks again!"




Bill Dellicker

"Just got the A-4 you made for me.  It is beautiful!  The detail and workmanship is perfect. 

Thank you,"



Jim Wilson


"I received my model the other day, and it is a GREAT replication of my

squadron's EA-6A Electric Intruder. I marvel at the craftsmanship, and the

squadron logo on the base really make it totally stand out.

THANKS to Squadron Toys for a fine model."




A-6 arrived.

Well Done !!!!

Thanks, Rod




  CDR Jim Stoneman


"Just wanted to let you know I got the model.  Thanks!  It looks great."


  Maddox, Michael J Capt USAF AETC 37FTS/DOF

"The models look awesome, everyone is very pleased.  Thanks for


Mike "



Kurt L. Leslie, Lt Col, TXANG
147th Maintenance Group Commander (Interim)
147th Reconnaissance Wing
"The Predator looks great!! We will probably do a mass buy of about 10-15 Predators sometime in the fall, I will keep you posted."




 Jim Roth

"My A6C Intruder Model HAS ARRIVED!  Many thanks for fine work on a terrific looking Intruder Model.  It was worth the long wait.  I am displaying it on my desk - under lights!"




Pat W.


  Contractor, CSC/BAP
"We Got them, the customer was very happy with them.

Thank you so much for all you did for us.
Okay, Allen called and says they are gorgeous..! He went on and on about how detailed
they were.  
Squadron Toys does EXCELLENT work!




 Royal Australian Air Force

"By the way, yesterday I saw the collection of Australian Helicopters that you guys did for us.  They look fantastic.

 Best Regards"


F-16C 111th Fighter Squadron

"The 90th Anniversary jet is a big hit, I have about 6 people who want to order one..."

D. Hayes, LT, US Navy
EA-6B VAQ-133 &quote;Wizards&quote;
(Painted in Desert Camouflage)

"Dear squadron toys,
My model arrived and is beautiful.  Worth every second of the wait.
Thanks again!!!"
W. Angermann, Commander, US Navy CTW-1 AOPS
TA-4J VT-7
"The model turned out to be fantastic and just what our outgoing CO (Commanding Officer)
wanted. Thanks so much!
...not only is it a superior representation of what we had requested, but we also had a small window to get it done on time and you guys really came through. We will continue to use your company for our gifts in the future."

"Let me say DAMN good job. I LOVE the F-16. You guys did a hell of a job. It was worth the 6 month wait. I would order from you guys again. Once again GOOD WORK. Thank you."
Andrew Ries

CWO3 John Salgado, US Navy


"Received our order(Plaques) and &quote;WOW!&quote; is the only words I can use to express how great they look. The detail is immaculate and every single one of the eleven plaques that I ordered for HSC-28 DET 2 South American Cruise 07 looked exactly the same! Definitely worth the wait. Thanks for a plaque that I can proudly display on any wall!"


LTC Robert M. Finley

135th Deputy Commander for Maintenance
Maryland Air National Guard

"I have worked with General Morgan for the last 20+ years and he's absolutely right. I have several models from your company and they're flawless."



Capt Dave Stock, US Navy (Ret)
FA-18E VFA-14 Super Hornet
"Order received today 20 Feb...great quality...very delivered on all that was promised. Thanks !!"




TSgt Blaine Edinger, US Air Force
Raptor APG Assistant Flt Chief

"I received my order yesterday and it looks amazing. Again I am extremely happy with the model and after showing to fellow members at work they are now interested in them."



Charles A. Morgan, III
Brigadier General, Maryland Air National Guard
  Assistant Adjutant General for Air/
rd Assistant to Warfighting Integration
"Our jumbo sized airplanes arrived today! They look great! They will make a great addition to our front office.
Like I have said many times, your models are the absolute best I have seen in my 36 years in the Air Force & Air Guard."


Gordon J. Jacobson

CAPT        USN (RC)
"I was amazed, the authenticity, the detail far exceeded any of my other models! I am very pleased and delighted with your work!
I will definitely refer any requests for like models to you and your fine team of “craftsmen”."






Commander, 94th Airlift Control Flight
C-130H 700th Airlift Squadron
"The model looks great!! Outstanding Product!"


Chris G.
HSL-46 &quote;Grandmasters&quote;

I just received my model today and I wanted to let you know that it looks great.  It is even better than I expected and I am 100% satisfied.  I have not spoken with everyone who placed an order yet, but I have a feeling that they will feel the same way.  Your company does great work.  Thank you for all of your help. Sincerely,




LTJG Matt M.

HSC-26 Chargers

"The first order arrived, and my squadron-mates are very pleased."


I am currently flying Super Hornets with VFA-32.  I already have two models from Squadron Toys that I absolutely love.  … your product...definitely the best there is!”


 Ireceived my aircraft model and it looks great.  I've ordered aircraft from other sources, but none of them display the craftsmanship as this one.  Outstanding detail, such as an aircraft mod that most of the real aircraft don't even have yet. 
Very impressive!&quote;


LT Jasmine Gough, USN 
VAQ-137 EA-6B 
&quote;Thank you so much for the great job that you did on the Prowler Models.  The
other officers are stoked how well they came out.&quote;


Anthony Smith, Sgt/USMC
&quote;I just received my HMM-266 CH46E from you guys that was custom made.....all I can say is amazing.
It was an exact replica of the helicopter that I called &quote;Deuce&quote; when I was with that unit,
it brought back a rush of great memories and reminded me of the 1000 flight hours I enjoyed on it.
Thanks a million.&quote;

Scott Butler, Commander, US Navy
Commanding Officer
 VFA-32 &quote;Swordsmen&quote;
FA-18F Super Hornet
&quote;Many of the aircrew in my ready room recently received models of our
new FA-18F Super Hornets and they are truly spectacular.  The
craftsmanship and detail are superb and all of us appreciate the effort
that went into making these so unique. Thanks and best wishes.&quote;

&quote;-- and they are truly amazing pieces of work.&quote;

R.R., Lieutenant, US NAVY
TC-12B VT-35
&quote; the way everyone is extremely impressed the the quality of the
models.  Expect more orders.&quote;

HC-130 79th RQS
&quote;The models turned out great.  Everyone wants one now.  How much would it be for us if we wanted to order 10 to 15 more?  Thanks.&quote;

Joseph Tabaco, TSG, USAF (Ret)
Dropsonde Operator,53WRS&54WRS
Air Weather Reconnaissance Association
&quote;Stumbled across your testimonial page in one of my searches on the web. Rather than make one up, here’s something I sent to ourAWRAwebmaster telling him about the model you sent me. My wife was so impressed by your model that she suggested I put it in the living room. All my other military stuff was banished to some other place in our house…joey&quote;

&quote;Bernie…Love the model of 965 I received fromlast week that I ordered last spring. Evenliked it enough to let me put it in the living room. I was going to bring it to the reunion if I got it on time. Will order ones of A mod 522 and 731 in NOAA livery as well as a J mod as sales come up for 130s at Sq Toys…joey&quote;


Mort Sanford
USMC (ret) 
KC-130F VMGR-252
&quote;Special ordered two KC130F's USMC from VMGR-252.  Took a while to get them but well worth the wait.  Can not believe the detail work.  One word covers it all 'OUTSTANDING' .&quote;

Ted Brown
181st Airlift Squadron
&quote;I got my airplane -- WOW!  Thank You, it's awesome.&quote;

R. Langley, Master Sergeant, US Air Force
Chief Loadmaster
48th Airlift Squadron

&quote;Just wanted to let you know that the models have been arriving and EVERYBODY has said they are awesome.   Our commander, LtCol McLeod, got his yesterday and was very pleasantly surprised by the quality and workmanship.   Tell the designers and makers that they did an awesome job.  We cannot wait for the squadron's 2 foot model to show up…&quote;

Randall Lynch, Commander, US Navy
Commanding Officer
VAQ-134 EA-6B

&quote;Model arrived yesterday, and it is perfect!! You all do such great work.  
Thanks again.

Joe K.,
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
U.S. Dept of Commerce
&quote;I would like to thank you for the outstanding models, we received
Friday. The detail is amazing and the models are so realistic looking.
As I discussed with John, the model's photo will be placed on
your website, so our scientists and engineers can order them.  I get
asked almost everyday about the models and now that they have arrived,
the frequency of questions will increase. Once again, Thank you.
Will be ordering Gulfstream IV models soon!
joseph sends&quote;

Juan Gutierrez, Lt. Commander, US Navy 
HSL-46 Det4 OIC

I just received my model.  All I can say is WOW!!  It is great, incredible, and exactly what I wanted.  Thanks to you and to everyone else who worked on it throughout the process.  You guys really do put out the best product on the market.
Thanks again, &quote;

 Jon Vanbragt, Lieutenant, US Navy
 F/A-18F VFA-102
&quote;We received the models last week.  The detail and quality of the craftsmanship are amazing!!  Thanks for everything, the newer aircrew in the squadron are so impressed with the models, they are already talking about putting together another squadron buy, so we'll probably be in touch!
  Thanks again!&quote;

G. Cabarcas, LT, US Navy
T-1A Jayhawk
&quote;The model turned out Great!  Thank you very much!&quote;  &quote;Squadron Toys has been superb!  The model looks just like the original. I plan to keep ordering all my future models through you.&quote;

R. E. Rasmussen, Commander, US Navy
Commanding Officer 
VFA-131 F/A-18C 

&quote;Greetings, I just received my model and it's beautiful. Thanks.&quote;

J. Larson , Colonel
Air Force
&quote;Just received the F-89’s. Outstanding job. That old hog looks better than it actually did. It is along side theF-100 and A-7’s you did for us. Great job as always. My nextorder willbe for the F-102.&quote;

Squadron Leader
SO2 Typhoon Availability (1Gp)
RAF Coningsby
Typhoon F-1 No. 17(R) Squadron

&quote;The models arrived yesterday and they are fantastic, thank you, great job
all round.  My feeling, having seen the models, is that more orders are
bound to follow!!
Look forward to talking to you again in the future. Regards..&quote;


Dave W., Lt Commander, US Navy
E-2C Hawkeye VAW-115
NAS Atsugi, Japan

&quote;We are looking forward to getting our high quality Hawkeye Models.  
Thanks again for your great work.&quote;

(AW) Don Jackson, VRC-40, USN    
(VP-8 1997-2003)
P-3C VP-8 Tigers
&quote;I received my model today, and let me say you did an OUTSTANDING job on recreating the VP-8 P-3c. I will display it with pride for years to come.  I’m looking forward to adding the C-2A to my new collection when I get the chance. Thanks!!&quote;

 CWO2 &quote;Gunner&quote; Donald Ellis
        VFA-83 Rampager Ordnance Officer
VFA-83 F/A-18C

&quote;Squadron toys!!! Got the VFA-83 Rampager model this evening!  Once again, AWESOME!!!  I can't tell you just how happy I am with this model, as will my Ordnance Chief!  This model of our squadron with its colors from our last deployment is going to be one of the best retirement gifts he will be receiving from the troops in his Ordnance Shop!  Again, thanks for everything!! Sincerely,&quote;

John &quote;J.D.&quote; Barber
USMC/Combat Helicopter Association

&quote;Thanks for getting back to me. It would be a couple more of yourUH-34'spainted in Vietnam era colors. The last 2 that I ordered really went over big! You deliver an outstanding product!&quote;

Kevin J. Downey
, Lt. Commander
, US Navy
E-2C+ Hawkeye
VAW-123  &quote;Screwtops&quote;

&quote;I wanted to personally thank you for the outstanding product your company provided our squadron.  As the models are being seen there are a great many sailors who now regret not ordering, and  there is a desire for another group of orders to be placed.  Hopefully that will be the case because I personally feel the planes you made for us are the best I have seen. Thanks again for the outstanding service.&quote;

Captain Stew Fisher, US Navy
Commanding Officer, 1991-1992

HH-60H HCS-5
&quote;Thanks for the beautiful model.  It was the last aircraft I flew in the Navy...&quote;


&quote;... I placed an order for an
F/A-18F (2 SEATER)
last year for my Dad.  First let me say you all did an OUTSTANDING job and
he loves it.  Second what would I have to do to have the exact model built for myself? 
 Thanks for a Job Well done on the first model!!&quote;

AO1(AW) Troy Quigley USNR
Strike Fighter Squadron 201 &quote;Hunters&quote;

F/A-18A+ VFA-201

&quote;Staff of Squadron Toys,I received my eagerly awaited F/A-18A+ yesterday and wow!!!!!!!!! I was expecting to get a detailed F/A-18A but it was so detailed you can see the one external difference that sets the A+ apart from the A model Hornet, the GPS/INS dome on the dorsal spine. This detailed Hornet is the best memento I will have of my squadron's deployment for Iraqi Freedom and what we accomplished.It is something I will pass along to my three month old son to remember what his daddy did. I am taking my model up to the squadron next week for all to see and hopefully order their own. It was worth the wait!!!Thank you!&quote;

Jeff L.
Boeing Site Lead
NAS Jacksonville

&quote;I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you.  The aircraft(S-3B VS-24)
arrived yesterday in perfect shape and looking very nice!  Your company
will always have our business!  Thank you.&quote;

Jeff ColeMH-53E
&quote;I received the model today and it looks GREAT!!! Your professionalism and expediency was outstanding! You have provided the wardroom with a one of a kind gift showing our gratification for the CO.
Thank you,&quote;

Adam M., Captain, US Air Force 
55th FS/DOV

&quote;We received the order for the models and they look great.  The detail is really amazing. &quote;

TERRY C., Major US Air Force

&quote;Just a quick note to let you know the models arrived today.  They look GREAT!  The weapon config on the wings came out well, as did the nose art.  And the patch on the base looks perfect (they must have some kind of computer for that – way too perfect to be entirely done by hand).  Very pleased with the results!  I’m sure now that a few of them are sitting in the squad I’ll get some more orders.  Thanks again and I’ll be in touch!&quote;


Vicky B.
Northrop Grumman Corp.

&quote;I just picked up the models yesterday.  They look great!  I'm really
impressed with the level of detail.&quote;

Scott R. F., SMSgt, US Air Force
307 FS/SC

&quote;We received ourRQ-1 Predator-great job as usual by Squadron Toys!&quote;

 A. Lederman, SMSGT, US Air Force
F-16B Test Ops
&quote;I wanted to say thanks. I received myF-16order today. I was extremely impressed with the detail, quality and craftsmanship gone into making this unique airplane. I have to admit I was worried something wouldn't be right. However, everything on the jet was spot on down to the detail of the pilots call sign name and even the asterisks painted on the side of the canopy. Worth every penny paid! 
Overall, outstanding product and I would definitely recommend your company to others. I may have to order a T-38 next!&quote;

C. Green
&quote; guys are amazing.  I got theHSL-51 (SH-60B)and it looks fantastic.  When I gave it to my friend who had worked on that bird he was shocked at the detail of everything that was on there from all of the antennas to even having the handholds painted on by the engine. -Thanks,&quote;

Todd B. ATCS, US Navy, CNAL
&quote;I'm very Impressed with the quality and details of yourF-18 models
we have one in our Ready Room and it is an immediate eye catcher!!!&quote;

Larry Newbern CWO3 US Navy (Ret)
&quote;I am very impressed with the quality of work on the H-46 and A-6
F/A-18).  They are flawless and exactly as requested from the photos
and information I sent.  You deliver an outstanding product!  You can rest
assured that I will highly recommend Squadron Toys to my friends and anyone
looking for model aircraft.&quote;

L. Sorbello
VFA-122 FA-18ESuper Hornet

&quote;Thank you so much, it did arrive before Christmas and model looks fantastic, Great Job. My husband was very appreciative.
I would like to inquire about an Australian F-111 jet. Do you make this?&quote;

Senior Chief Petty Officer H.P., US Navy
Helicopter Combat Support Four (HCS-4) &quote;Red Wolves&quote;

'finally received myHH60here at HCS-4. It came out fantastic. You guys keep up the good work.

B. Heier
Steele, ND

&quote;TheEA-6B (VAQ-129)I just received in the mail is exceptional.  The model was well worth the wait.  I never would have dreamed of the detail and perfection that went into this model.  Your company is definitely tops in the business. 
Thank you very much.&quote;

J. Wilson, A1C, USAF
555th &quote;Triple Nickel&quote; AMU (31 AMXS)

&quote;I know I’m splitting hairs here, but the models you’re offering are miles ahead of the wooden models sold elsewhere on the internet and eBay, and I’d like to look forward to ordering a few more, especially since you’re so military-friendly!&quote; 

Lieutenant B. Mufti, US Navy
EA-6B VAQ-132 &quote;Scorpions&quote;
Thank you for the great work. I love my VAQ-128 model and anxiously
await my VAQ-132 plane.&quote;

J. Nota 
HH-1N VX-23 SAR NAS China Lake
&quote;I just wanted to let you know that the SAR Helicopter arrived today and it is awesome. It is better than I imagined it would be and as someone else said, you are your own best advertising.  ...something I can speak very highly about and your product and service is outstanding. I hope there were others from the squadron who ordered because I know they'd be happy they did. Anyone who had the chance but didn't will be very sorry.  And thanks for shipping it so quickly. I really wasn't expecting to see it for another couple of months.

Brig. General Charles A. Morgan, III
Maryland Air National Guard
Assistant Adjutant General for Air
&quote;I am a former Squadron Commander of the104th Fighter Squadron.  I
had the pleasure of flying the A-10 for almost 20 years.  Your models are
the nicest I've ever seen.&quote;

Lieutenant J. Massie, US Navy
 S-3B VS-33 Screwbirds 
&quote;...It is awesome.  A complete outstanding job.  I even got to talk to a couple of the other guys who also loved theirs.   ...thanks again for the great model. &quote;

CAPT D. B.  US Navy (Ret.)
 Skipper of the Sundowners '65-'66
&quote;My VF-111 F-8 Crusader model arrived the other day...truly outstanding...a sincere Well Done to you and the folks at Squadron Toys.&quote;

John Scanlan, USMC
&quote;My models came today.  They are AWESOME!!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.&quote;

F. W. Doris, Commander, US Navy
Commanding Officer, VP-26

&quote;The(VP-26) P-3Cmodels looks magnificent. It is a true testament of your company's attention to detail and superb craftsmanship.  The model will forever be a true representation and reminder of what we do on a daily basis.&quote;

Major General Edward McFarland
 US Air Force (Ret)
&quote;I received the F-86D models in perfect condition.  The models are just 'outstanding'.  Every detail, control markings, squadron insignia, afterburner nozzle, squadron insignia on the model stand and name on the canopy are accurately done.  The finishing paint job was far better than any model I have seen.  I believe the size and scale of the model puts it over the top of any aerospace model and makes it a true piece of art.  Thanks again for the great job!&quote;


Captain Robert Brinker, US Air Force
US Air Force FDS (Thunderbirds)

&quote;Just received my58th FS (F-15C)Model the other day and I am extremely pleased with it.  It looks just like I remember them sitting on the flight line when I was stationed at Eglin.  I can't wait to receive the other ones I have ordered.&quote;

Jim Davidson, Captain
Orange County Fire 
Air Operations

&quote;Please give a great big thank you to your staff for all the hard work in making this happen before Christmas! Everyone is very pleased with the way the models turned out.&quote;

Lieutenant Jonathan &quote;Warren&quote; Beattie, US Navy

&quote;My wife just gave me anVAW-112 E-2Cmodel for Christmas, and I LOVE IT!  It looks great.  You guys do an awesome job with all the details.  I am currently a pilot in the Goldenhawks, and so it is very special to me.&quote;

Christina Stack
X-31 Program

&quote;The models were so life like.  The paint scheme was exactly what the aircraft looked like.  The company was a pleasure to deal with and the prices were great for the craftsmanship that was completed.&quote;

Craig &quote;Too Tall&quote;  Thorson, Lt Col, US Air Force
Chief, Command Fighter Training Resources

&quote;FYI...the F-16 and F-100 models are outstanding...
your craftsmanship is second to none!&quote;

Robert D. Allen, Lt Colonel 
Illinois Air National Guard
F-16C 170th Fighter Squadron

&quote;The level of workmanship and detail was excellent. All who received them have commented on how happy they are with your product.
I have yet to
hear a single negative comment on the models, only wildly positive
comments... I initially started this purchase of models with a competitor of yours... Needless to say I am very happy that I switched to your organization since the quality of work and attention to detail on your models far exceeded that which I received from your competitor.Again, on behalf of the 170th Fighter Squadron, I thank you for your excellent work in producing models we will all proudly display.&quote;

Captain Jason &quote;Dino&quote; Nelder, US Air Force
523rd Fighter Squadron
F-16C Viper
&quote;We just finished receiving the last order of(F-16C 523rd FS)models, including the 2 foot squadron model.  Everyone is very happy and thoroughly impressed with the workmanship and detail.  We would like to start a new order shortly.&quote; 

Lieutenant Lane Cummins,U.S. Navy
C-2A VRC-30

&quote;Got it
(C-2A Greyhound)earlier this week.  Thanks for everything.  It looks great as usual.  This is my second one.  Got one a year or so ago for my last squadron(VFA-147). I am sure I will be getting another from you for my next squadron as well.  Thanks again.&quote;


Kristina Carr
Spouse, US Army, 3/4 Cavalry

&quote;Thank you so much for theOH-58D model.  It looks great!  The detail and
craftsmanship is outstanding.  I was shocked that they could replicate it so
well only using pictures that I took!!  The stand is beautiful with the unit
crest engraved in the wood.  It will be treasured. Thank you again, it was worth the wait.&quote;

Major Steven Luczynski
F/A-22 Raptor Pilot
43rd Fighter Squadron

&quote;...arrived home to find myF-15C (493rd FS).  Wow!  Great work.&quote;

Sgt Jay Diggs 
Maryland State Police
Dauphin SA365-N3 
&quote;The(Dauphin SA365-N3)models have arrived and are being distributed as we speak.  They are fantastic! ...and everyone is very pleased with the product! I will be ordering more this week.&quote;

Captain Stew Fisher, USN(Ret)
&quote;I saw your models at the Navy Exchange in Port Hueneme.  Very impressive!
By the way, I retired from the Navy in 1998 after 31 years of service --
counting four years at the Naval Academy (1967-1971).  I was Commanding Officer of HCS-5 and took the squadron to Desert Storm, 1990-91.
Warm regards,&quote;

Malcolm Massie
USMC Vietnam Helicopter Association

Gentlemen: Yesterday I received, as a gift from the USMC Vietnam Helicopter Association/John D. Barber, President, one of your aircraft models, a USMC UH1E Gunship helicopter in HML-367 markings.  The workmanship and attention to detail is superb, even down to the Bureau Number of the aircraft, which I have in my logbook. Thanks for your support and very fine workmanship. 

Ryan Carron, Lieutenant, US Navy, HC-5
&quote;I have received an MH-53E helicopter model from HC-4 and it was awesome.  Today, I ordered a T-34C from VT-10, my last squadron. Thanks in advance,&quote;

Lt Col Denny Yount
A-10 Warthog 118th Fighter Squadron 

&quote;Let me say that the models we have received have been outstanding and we are
 very pleased with the quality.  I know that there are more people already wanting to put in another order.  What started as a pilot only &quote;thing&quote; has migrated to several crew chiefs and back-shop guys as well.  That kind of response only comes about because of the quality of the models. We look forward to working with you for a long time to come.  Keep up the great work!&quote;

William Haynes
Firefighter, MHAFB Fire Department

&quote;My wife got a plane made from her squadron the US Air ForceF-15C 390th Wild Boarsand I must say I am impressed by the quality of work put into that model.  Thank you very much.&quote;

 Andy &quote;Jawa&quote; Shulman, Lieutenant, US Navy
VFA-137 F/A-18C Hornet

&quote;I recently received a model that my wife had ordered from you while I was on deployment.  It is a VFA-137 F/A-18 with the side number 410 and I have to tell you it is absolutely beautiful... Thanks again for the great work.  Can't wait to order more!&quote;

James A. Gordon, Jr.,Captain, USNR(Ret.)
&quote;This past weekend purchased your company's model of a SH-60B Seahawk at the NAS North Island Exchange. It was finished as the showbird of HSL-43 Battlecats. As a Princeton alumnus I'm prejudiced. My son had previously special ordered the helicopter he had flown while assigned to HSL-47 Saberhawks. Both models consistently reflect an extremely high degree of accuracy in both detail and color, and a professional level of craftsmanship and execution approaching museum quality. Comparable value can not be found in other &quote;executive desktop models&quote;, particularly not at your very competitive pricing. BRAVO ZULU.&quote;

 Lieutenant K. Lock, US Navy, 
NSGA Bahrain

The plane arrived right as scheduled and looks FANTASTIC.  Thank you so much to you and your staff for their hard work in getting this to us on such short notice.

Donald K. Foltz, Captain USMC (Ret)
former member of VMFT-401,
The Corps’ only adversary squadron

I am writing to tell you how thoroughly pleased we are at the detail and fine craftsmanship your company performed in the making of our squadron F-5s. They are absolutelysuperb! The enthusiasm shown by both past and present fellow squadron members is unsurpassed. We searched other model makers and chose Squadron Toys. We now have positive proof that “you get what you pay for”. We could not be happier with the end-product. We look forward to ordering more in the near future. 

 Sgt Jay Diggs 
Maryland State Police
(Dauphin SA365-N3)
&quote;I have generated a lot of interest in this model to the point where several
 competitors have approached me with their models of our aircraft.  Man, some of
 these guys/gals are just a little pushy with their sales pitches. I must say that
 their models are, and I'll try to be nice here, inferior to the model you sent me.

Captain Rich DeStafano, US Marine Corps
&quote;I got it a week ago. It looks 10 times better than I thought it would.  
Thanks a lot..&quote;

Captain Jon Stiles, US Air Force
111th Fighter Squadron
F-16C Vipers
We received the models last week and they look great! 

James &quote;Mongo&quote; Mason, Lieutenant, US NAVY
Helicopter Support Squadron-6 (HC-6)

&quote;My H-46 came today-LOOKS AWESOME! Lots of kudos from other folks, you guys are your own best advertisement.&quote;

Capt Erik &quote;MEGA&quote; Parker, US Air Force
79th Fighter Squadron

&quote;Our squadron just received  the models you sent us.  They were awesome! 

Todd &quote;Tupac&quote; Hofford
Captain, DOW, Oregon Air National Guard
F-15A Eagle

&quote;We received our F-15 Models (25 of them) last week and all are very pleased.  The guys were very impressed with the realistic paint schemes and they turned out much better than anticipated.  We already have a second sign-up list going and you should be seeing another order real soon!  Keep up the great work!&quote;

Captain Jason &quote;Dino&quote; Nelder, US Air Force
523rd Fighter Squadron
F-16C Viper
&quote;We ordered the painted wooden F-16 model in 523 squadron colors.
Captain Luke Cross was the contact for that order.  From what he told me,
the quality is excellent and recommended you as a contact for a second

Dave Haase, Lieutenant Junior Grade, US Navy
HC-8 CH-46D

Several squadron mates from HC-8 ordered a number of custom H-46s a few months ago. They have arrived recently and look amazing. I want to order more, somewhere in the range of 5-10 models.. Thanks,


Gunnery Sergeant John D. Krupa, US Marine Corps 
NAWC China Lake

&quote;I just received the harrier model and I must say that I am extremely impressed!!!!!!   Wow!   I have been showing it around here at the JOINT SYSTEMS SUPPORT ACTIVITY and I would not be surprised at all if you receive an order from them in the near future.    ...Again, I want to thank you (...and as you said it would be, it was worth the wait!) and commend you on the impressive craftsmanship!
...would be very interested in purchasing between 20 and 30 of these models.   Currently they (JSSA) have been buying a much inferior harrier model for almost the same price as yours and not even close to the same craftsmanship. 
Semper Fidelis&quote;

D. Theodosakis
EC-130 7 ACCS

&quote;I received several days ago the EC-130 7ACCS model I ordered last September.  It was worth the wait!  Definitely a first-rate job.  I'm sure with only seven aircraft in the USAF inventory that this was not your biggest seller, so those of us who flew it thank you for taking the item on.   It looks great on the shelf.&quote;

Major Kenneth R. Devero II, US  Marine Corps
Executive Officer
Whidbey Is, WA

&quote;...Presented your Corsair to CWO4 Blix, USMC Ret (click here)at our 2002 Marine Corps Birthday Ball.  There was absolutely no greater gift we could have given him.  Thanks for all your help.&quote;

Commander J. L. McKenzie,US Navy
Commanding Officer
Patrol Squadron 8 (VP-8 Tigers) 
P-3C Orion
&quote;...Our motto here at VP-8 is&quote;Excellence through Professionalism&quote;and it's easy to see by the quality of your product that the same holds true with folks at Squadron Toys.  I can assure you that we will display your model proudly on our ceremonial Quarterdeck where Tigers can enjoy it for years to come.&quote; 

Marcel Lomba
P-51D &quote;Short Fuse&quote;

&quote;P-51 just arrived now by post on eleven.
 Positioned immediately on my desk and my colleagues very interested....
 Very nice model definition, the painting is very realistic.
 Thank you very much.&quote;

Commander(sel) Bradley &quote;Doc&quote; Burgess, US Navy
Chief Staff Officer (Code 01)
Training Air Wing ONE
EA-6B Prowler

&quote;Gentlemen, Just received my custom-made VAQ-135 EA-6B Prowler. I must say I'm EXTREMELY impressed! Well worth the wait. Thanks for a great job.&quote;

Lieutenant Pete Welch, US Navy
VAQ-135 Prowler Driver
EA-6B Prowler

&quote;I want to say thanks for the great work with the models. Everyone in the squadron is 100% satisfied with the work.  We have a bunch of (new) guys who will be looking to purchase a model...&quote;

Captain Todd &quote;BUZZ&quote; Anthony , US Air Force
Maryland Air National Guard
A-10 Warthog
Just e-mailing you all that we received our A-10 models and the boys are very pleased with the quality of craftsmanship and the amount of detail. One guy who has several other models mentioned that it was the best one he had. Hopefully we will have another order of 10 models to send to you in the near future. Once the rest of the guys see how good the models are I think we will have a lot more orders. Thanks again.&quote;


Captain Jay Hallenbeck, US Air Force
335th Fighter Squadron
F-15E Strike Eagle

&quote;Just wanted to let you know I received my airplane today and everything looks great. 
Thanks for everything.&quote;

Doug Dunbar
News Anchorman, WPLG Miami
F/A-18C Hornet
What a beautiful piece of art, to remember my &quote;twice&quote; in a lifetime
ride in the F 18. Got the model today as promised, and could not be happier.
I will keep your info to send to anyone I know who would like a piece of art
this good.........well worth the wait, and a big THANK YOU.&quote;


John D. Pool
     U.S. Border Patrol
     Air Operations
     &quote;The MD500E (US Border Patrol) model helicopters that your company made were Outstanding in every detail.  The quality of workmanship, the details, paint, everything on the model was Exceptional. The details; wires to the searchlights, antennas, FLIR unit,  everything is just exceptional! 
     It was worth the wait.  The price was excellent, for a model of the quality we received, one could expect the price to be much, much higher.
   Again, I cannot say enough about the models except that your company does truly OUTSTANDING work!!
      I will be ordering more models from Squadron Toys.

Dave Brownlee, Lt. Commander, US Navy, 
NAS Sigonella, Sicily

     The guys love the models.  Thanks for your hard work.  

D. Breen, Lt. Commander, US Navy (VFA-204)
F/A-18C Hornet
Hi guys, Lots of requests from the troops for additional models... (the folks here are all very impressed w/ the quality of your product).

Tom Sanders
Commander,  US Navy, Ret.
S-3B Viking
Just got my S-3 VS-30 model and wanted to tell you guys what a great job you did!! I have seen similar models over the years in the $500 range, and yours is every bit as good, if not better. The stand with the laser art, (I assume), of the squadron insignia was also first rate. Thanks for a great memento!


AWCM Thomas Kaiser III, US Navy-Reserve, RET
P-3C Orion

I just received my model of the VP-93 Orion Aircraft and am thrilled to write and tell you that the representation is absolutely gorgeous.
While it has been a considerable period of time that the model has been on order, and we have been kept abreast of the problems encountered, you have done a superb job of recreating the bird. Thanking you for your incredible attention to detail.
I remain...

C. Clifford, Lieutenant, US Navy
Received my model late last week - AWESOME!!! Positively worth the wait.

Kiggans, S.W.,Lieutenant, US Navy (VFA-106)
F/A-18C Hornet

Love the models, you guys did a great job!!!

E.S. Hinz, Commander, US Navy-Reserve, RET
I received the SH-2G model

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